February 27, 2010

birch glade

birch glade
on cotton - 31 x 39cm

needed to try out the concept - but I think I went overboard with the crackling!

February 24, 2010

snow tree

The Snow tree
on cotton - 47 x 30cm
to stay in the snow theme..

February 21, 2010

snow scape

snowscape 1
on cotton 50 x 30cm
I don't like the cold, don't do any winter sports..but have been watching the winter olympics (on TV) for the last few days! You get to see a lot of snow during the games - it's pretty..
So, to honour it, I decided to try a snow theme.
Also, I had to earn my fresh hot bread on this sunday morning ;)

February 07, 2010

white birch

white birch
on cotton 32 x 33cm

not sure about the 'mask like' face - but I am pleased with the birch trees.

belles fesses

Belles fesses
on cotton - 27 x 30cm

I wanted to break the notion of background and have it interact with the shape of the object.