September 29, 2013

dandelion 2

on cotton, 43 x 58cm

trying the opposite - with detail and pattern on the subject, and randomness in the background.
for some reason, while I was making this, I kept thinking of the star spangled banner!

September 27, 2013


on cotton-silk, 56 x 44cm

getting back to work and experimentation after a long summer
I tried making a wire 'dip tool' to get identical coil patterns - playing with randomness and patterns..

It feels good to smell hot wax again, I missed it!

September 10, 2013

Chatillon en Diois - 3rd time round

My third participation in the Art and Wine festival at Chatillon en Diois.  And it was lovely, exhilaration, tiring, inspiring all rolled into 8 intense days.

The organisers put Suhail and me together this year, and that made setting up and sharing space SO much easier.  And I do think our works complements the other.

Like last year, I held 2 batik initiation workshops.  I think the participants were pretty happy with them.
I do realise that my 'teaching' style is not extremely "p├ędagogue" (a french word that I haven't found an apt translation for - I guess the closest sense is 'methodical'); but I find that often you learn best in the actual 'doing'.  I may have to experiment and refine my method!

Got home to a full house of friends and guests; and an additional kitten....
The new 'year' begins now!