January 23, 2016

the 3 small ones

dotted crest - small, 40 x 40cm

dotted trees - small, 40 x 40cm

precious - small, 40 x 40cm

working on smaller formats for a change... while I think about the next big one :)

January 14, 2016

ringed crest

on cotton, 85 x 85cm

January 08, 2016

the dotted crest

batik on cotton, 85 x 85cm

waiting for the table...

I've been waiting for a bigger table to make ironing out the batiks easier.  So now that I finally have it, I spent the last three days ironing out the last few batiks.

organisms, 85 x 85cm

neurons, 85 x 85cm

curly neurons, 85 x 85cm

neurons 2, 55 x 85cm

neurons 3, 40 x 85cm