June 30, 2014

the paint cans

on cotton, 25 x 35cm

June 27, 2014

riverstones 3 & 4

both on cotton, 25 x 35cm

more explorations of the same theme

June 25, 2014

river stones 2

on cotton, 25 x 35cm

June 23, 2014


on cotton, 21 x 29cm

I had taken a photograph a couple of years ago of my wine glass in the sun, decided to try a monochromatic batik with it.

June 21, 2014

happy feet

on cotton
21 x 29cm

happy to get back to my overgrown garden

river stones

on cotton
35 x 25cm

just back from a month long holiday in India
my mother is fascinated with river stones and tends to collect them at every river or stream we go to!