February 26, 2013


on cotton, 55 x 46cm

and this completes the 'set' for the MadderMoon gallery in Singapore (have to send them now for them to arrive in time for the exhibition mid march)!! It's been a bit hectic.

February 24, 2013


on cotton, 46 x 55cm

to 'come back' to a classic!

February 21, 2013


on cotton, 55 x 46cm

February 17, 2013

the armchair

on cotton, 55 x 46cm

I wanted to try sketching directly with wax. I used the djanting and allowed it to drip as I was working.

It's not easy to sketch with a djanting - it's a continuous flow, so it has to be continuous lines, and with wax there's no going back.
Used the crackle effect after a long time.

February 08, 2013

lake 10

on cotton, 50 x 70cm

experimenting with heat fuzziness for clouds.  It's a little too literal again, but as an experiment, it worked pretty well.

One of the cats jumped up directly onto the batik while I was dyeing it - ended up with a blue stomach - and I ended up with weird smudges.  Had to re-dye it after first trying to wash off as much blue off her stomach.  

February 06, 2013

spring mayhem

on cotton, 50 x 70cm

am playing around with the half fuzzy / half sharp images.  After the first accidental discovery while drying over the wood stove, I'm now trying to control the fuzziness by melting the wax in smaller portions with a hair dryer.  Until I actually saw the final batik from a distance, I was pretty convinced it would just look messy (well it IS, but I kind of like it!).