December 28, 2010

evil eye

on cotton
58 x 46cm

The 'evil' is a joke for myself - I managed to splash hot wax on my hand while making this batik.. lesson learnt, and no real damage done!
I actually think of this as the 'shy eye' - the siphon of a giant clam.
I really enjoyed doing this one - have reached a point of saturation with the flower and tree themes I think; atleast for now.

December 19, 2010

the first leaves that fall

on cotton-silk
50 x 65cm

this started off with the desire to make drops of wax fall from high up.
Two realisations : 1.  the wax splashed less than I thought it would.  and 2. the dropping was very difficult to control (both quantity and position)

apr├Ęs la plage (after the beach)

on cotton
68 x 50cm

Shadows are strange things - I had to rig up a clothesline and lighting, and hang my clothes to figure these out.
Also like the crackled and patchy effect on the wall.


on cotton-silk
56 x 50cm

Not terribly exciting.. but I had fun doing the snow, and working with the 'transperency' of the petals.

December 12, 2010

about ownership

I just delivered the 2 batiks bought by S.  It's strange, but it was kind of difficult to let them go.
Well they're not the literally the first to be sold, but the first ones were on commission, so in a way I was already prepared to have them go while making them.

I suppose I'll get used to the 'letting go' - it hopefully means that people want to buy them!
My current preoccupation is the framing of the batiks for the exhibition in March - for once I'm trying to be organized and not to leave things for last minute.
It's been an interesting exercise getting these 2 framed.  Finding the balance between aesthetics, economy and simplicity.