July 25, 2013

July 24, 2013


on cotton, 21 x 26cm


on cotton, 20 x 27cm

July 21, 2013


on cotton, 40 x 50cm

July 20, 2013


on cotton, 50 x 70cm


on cotton, 21 x 27cm

more experimenting : this time with first dyeing the cloth black, and waxing the first layer of 'squiggles', then bleaching it and dyeing more colours afterwards.

the (x) , (y), (z) etc.. names are because .. well, for one, I'm tired of giving obvious names, and two, I honestly wouldn't know what to call this!

July 18, 2013

(x)-5 and (x)-6

both on them on cotton, 21 x 27cm

July 15, 2013


on cotton, 50 x 70cm

July 14, 2013


on cotton, 50 x 70cm

July 11, 2013


on cotton, 23 x 26cm

July 10, 2013

(x) - 1

on cotton, 19 x 24cm

experimenting with my new 'toy', a hot air blower gun!

summertime renewal

So, finally, a year later, here I am working in my 'proper' studio! now a harried few weeks preparing for the art festival in Chatillon.  I missed batiking for the last few months, but am thrilled with my new space.. and the cats and I are getting used to it!

And here is the inaugural 'getting back into it' batik.

on cotton, 25x22cm