January 31, 2010

moon clouds - experiment

moon clouds
on cotton 20 x 19cm
another pure experiment with skies


boat & sky
on cotton 20 x 19 cm
pure experimentation with skies and water
unfortunately - the multitude of cracks that were supposed to appear in the water have 'disappeared' for some strange reason..

January 24, 2010

breathing life

Breathing Life
batik on cotton - 34 x61cm


batik on cotton - 21 x 24cm

My mother asked me if I had tried working in black and white; I haven't got that stark as yet, but I decided to try a mono-tone piece... and since she instigated it, it's in her hommage!

3 femmes ordinaires

3 femmes ordinaires
batik on cotton - 31 x 24cm (SOLD)

instead of adorning the background - I wanted to let the crackle add texture

January 16, 2010

S's Spitfire

S - 'spitfire'
39 x 22cm on cotton
16 jan 2010

This started off as a joke - "yeah! you can make me a spitfire..."
so, I did!
it's very comic book 'flat' - and I still have to experiment more with clouds.
but it was fun to do


W- portrait
21 x 30cm on cotton
16 jan 2010

January 11, 2010

Peahen n°2

22 x 31cm on cotton
10 jan 2010

The second Peahen
Learning to keep the white 'white' by doing 3 layers of wax and not too hot; and experimenting with the brush strokes for the feather effect on the background.

Peahen n°1

22 x 31cm on cotton
09 jan 2010

The original 'Peahen'
The idea started from a photograph of a peacock, I wondered if I could work with the colours.
I loved the orange and deep turquoise, but wasn't convinced with the woman (although, I've had several people prefer this one!) - so I decided to try it again - see batik n°6

rikshaw driver

22x29cm on cotton
december 2009

The rickshaw driver
Again exploring portraits of ordinary people.
I think the background may be a little too 'busy'..

Early morning gardner

23x29cm on cotton
december 2009

my father's portrait
'the early morning gardener'

I want to explore with more protraits of ordinary people.

Pour Virginie

24 x 25cm on cotton
december 2009

A gift for my physiotherapist, who loves anything in the 'japanese' and 'manga' style.
I gave it to her after our last session - the end of 2 years of weekly sessions!


20x20cm on cotton
november 2009

my first batik after about 20 years!
inspired by 'art nouveau' images..

it was a good day