December 05, 2014

manish and sonya's commission piece

on cotton, 2m x 1m

Manish and Sonya are moving into their remodeled house early next year and asked me to make them a batik for their dining room.

This one was a tough one for me, first the scale is rather big to work on, and more than that, when I make something for 'me' it can go anywhere, be anything, there are fewer eyes to look through.
So, the first one I made was 'scrapped' by me, I found it too morose looking for a young couple with small children.

Then this one happened, and I love it!  It was inspired by fertility (since they are expecting their second child), and for me the 'birthing' of it was less forced, less critical and much more fun!

I've been hanging on to it for a week now, reluctant to let it go just yet, but it's packed and leaves tomorrow!

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