March 11, 2013

le fauteuil orange

on cotton, 35 x 42cm


  1. what a wonderful selection of BRILLIANT (in all ways)artwork!!!!
    Can't believe how much you have achieved (and how little I have art wise) since first dipping into your lovely blog.
    VERY MUCH WELL DESERVED SUCCESS for all your exhibitions...........

  2. thank you Chris! and I do hope the exhibitions go well :)

  3. They can't fail to succeed with such a wide and colourful range of interesting batik work....:-)I didn't realise such fine artwork could be achieved with this medium....truly inspirational....

  4. PS I wonder if you have looked at the work of Jim Thompson/his Thai legacy?!!! I remeber buying lovely batik butterfly sarongs in Penang as well as watching them being produced -beautiful and interesting...

  5. Hi again Chris! I hadn't heard of Jim Thompson before.. will definitely take a look at his website. I like to experiment with the medium; push it so it's not the traditional technique I guess :)

  6. He was an American soldier who set up batiking/is famous in Bangkok for doing so but apparently disappeared , if my memory serves me right!!!!The company continues today because a friend who has a home their sent me a Jim Thompson card!!!!
    Don't know if it is of interest too....but.....when I lived ingermany they did beautiful batik easter eggs. It was apparently a tradition. We used a needle with its 'eye' pushed into a cork and then drew lovely melted wax designs onto the blown /empty eggs. After the wax cooled they were dipped in dye...can't remeber how we removed the wax....sorry!!!!
    Have also produced batik paper prints, wax dripped on along pencil lines /dye painted into parts/then turned upside down onto cheap paper and wax removed by ironing the back of the image....
    Really must start being creative again afte two years of Art History/academics taking over my life.....
    Tend to be an all or nothing to focus on getting one thing done well rather than lots badly.....then like ypu....the house needs sorting!!!!!!
    Hoping you do as well as your brilliant work deserves ....
    PS Don't go out in snow....MX5 dosn't do snow...and after a 360 in it....neither do I!!!!!!!!!

  7. PS sorry for the spelling/grammar mistakes...mind always works much faster than typing and speaking for that matter (too many thing/thoughts all at once...)

  8. so.... bright colours and unuesual subject : trop beau


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