November 10, 2012

lake 8

on cotton, 40 x 100cm

One of the challenges of this lake series is trying to paint on the wax symmetrically.  Since there is no base drawing and that it's more or less just random dots it's difficult to copy and counter a natural hand movement.  To top it off, I also have to try and dose and remember the quantity and heat of the wax at each brush stroke.  (a freshly dipped brush gives thicker wax lines that 'spread' / if it's too late, the wax is too cold to penetrate the cloth).

There is also the painted dyes of the skies that have to be symmetrical.  It's also a kind of personal aesthetic challenge : in normal life I dislike symmetry.


I had to skip directly to lake 8 because lake 7 was a complete disaster / fiasco. One where I tried to be clever, and instead managed to make a complete mess and smoke up the house with cleaning alcohol fumes. I needed to calm down.

Blues are soothing.

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  1. quels beaux lacs !as your imagination brings us many kinds :-)


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