October 26, 2012

lake 3

on cotton, 47 x 39cm

Am trying to push this reflection on water idea as far as I can..
This is a debate I'm having with myself : at what point does it stop being batik?

The only wax used in this was the white reflection lines on the water.  After that it was a series of painting on with the dyes.  The wax line allowed me to work on the lower half 'wet'; and the upper sky dry.


  1. This one is just.... WAHOOO !!! *_*
    Very nice work ! Keep going !

  2. at what point does it stop being batik?
    I came to a point in my paintings that to save money time and get richer colors I stretched the fabric on the frame and left it there until I was finished and took off the wax. The art took on a style somewhere between oils/acrylic and watercolor. Then I did more watering down area of color before the next dye and experimented with a little bleach (can be tricky).
    Let me know what you think...
    I will email you two totally different pieces I just finished. Comments are always welcome.


your comments are very welcome!