July 27, 2011

the week before

A week before I leave for Chatillon to participate in the local art fair.  As usual I'm in the middle of framing, and trying to oragnise things.  On my to-do list : finish framing, print visiting cards, lighting, pricing..  / and the little stress factors : will I get it done in time, is there enough room in the car etc etc..

I've been having fun with 'mottling' the dyes.  I vary between dip dying, painting on dyes, splashing, finger painting, rubbing, bleaching.. it's fascinating!

 Magnolia - on cotton

 She sleeps - on cotton silk

 in the garden 2 - on cotton

 GMC - on cotton

 écume 3 - on cotton

 wiggles - on cotton

 il est beau, le lavabo - on cotton

 'trix 1 - on cotton

 'trix 2 - on cotton


  1. j'adore les bottes et l'arrosoir ET le lavabo :bravo bravo shasha quelle imagination

  2. on adore le lavabo ;-)

  3. il a eu un grand succès - le lavabo!! mais il était marqué "reservé" :)


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