May 06, 2011

Lil'Art 2011

The local Art Fair - Lil'Art opened yesterday.  40 local artists are presenting their work in the theatre; and another 90 artists and artisans from the nearby towns are showing in the march√©.

They installed the Metal structure - spelling LIL'ART in front of the theater where the exhibition is held... unfortunately (in my opinion) the cubes are too small and get a bit lost in the large empty space and the architecture around.  I had initially thought there was going to be a white backdrop, but I was mistaken..


  1. I hope you did very well at this event. You deserve to-just looked at your website and LOVED you nature inspired creations :-)My son wpuld love to study furniture design....but has just got a jon as an engineer with Dyson! Where you were born sounds beautiful, a part of the world I would love to visit one day. I was lucky enough to visit Burma some years ago-the origin of the tinkling temple bells design shown on my PPF post on my blog-and was enchanted by its unspoilt beauty and the people. Have you thought of trying Shibori? I am hoping to use this and batik with paper now I am no longer trapped by the constraints of my degree. Very best of luck to you in the future, Chris (not Anne, that's my first, unused name!!!)

  2. P.S.I like to feel the wind in my hair too as I watch the stars at night and wonder...


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