November 05, 2010

First commission

Cherry Blossom dream
on silk 33 x 44cm

We'll call it a Nightingale..
on silk 33 x 44cm

A good friend asked for 2 batiks to be given as gifts : to a sister, and to a young couple..
the only (very vague) direction given was 'something romantic'

Working on silk has its own charm, and its own challenges - colours are much lighter, I've had to dye over each colour several times to get a coulour deep enough to get the contrasts that I was looking for.  The waxing is however, a lot easier - you need less wax and its easier to get fine lines.  The transperency of the silk is ideal for a double glass framing - allowing for light from behind!

This is my first 'sale' - does that officialise the Artist status?  In some way, it makes me nervous.

(Photos published here with the friend's permission)

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