June 20, 2010

poppies 03

batik on silk with embroidery
48 x 68 cm

During the poppy phase I had tried one out on silk.  Not completely satisfied, because of too many crackles , I had kept it aside with the idea of trying out embroidery at some point.

So : my second attempt at embroidery (well, simple running stictches really), + the use of beads.
Quite fun to do.  It's good to try things out :)

experimenting with back-lighting the batik.


  1. Poppies are my favourite. I don,t know how but we had them in our garden in winter. They are so fragile looking but yet so strong.
    I liked this one, but just the natural batik is for me the real thing to admire. Nothing can add to it.
    But do experiment!

  2. Boo! The overstitching and coloured threads add a new dimension to it!! Mixing techniques and effects take it further...very nice visual effect!!!


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