April 20, 2010

as I lay in the grass

batik on rough cotton

It's interesting to work with a different base material. The rougher cotton absorbs both the wax and the dyes differently from what I've become used to. I think this is also the batik where I've used the most layers of colours. It's also the first one which was worked on 90% stretched on a wooden frame, so the dyes were painted (or dripped) on.

I find it a bit too illustrative and not 'batik' enough; but then I've spent too long staring at it. A good night's sleep and a fresh lookey-see might make a difference.

The idea of perspective is interesting though; shall see what else can be done with it.


  1. another picture that goes straight to the heart....and just stays there!!! beautiful, Shasha!!

  2. i love the perspective and the brightness above - just like my best childhood memories, nose in the grass looking at the ants, a bar of chocolate and a book, & the canopy above.
    What colours!

  3. I agree with the previous comments, it brings back childhood and makes me young again!
    A new approach totally, its so alive!
    Well done Shasha, am looking forward to seeing more of your work.
    You have found your calling.


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